Invision Studio

Nov 16, 2017

Invision Studio Promo Site Image

I’m really curious to see the range of tools that Studio will cover and what specific needs it will fulfill. I have to admit that when various teams I was working with first started using Invision to present prototype comps to Clients and internally even, I wasn’t particularly blown away. I thought it was a nice tool but other than the commenting features, I didn’t see how it was much different than what a dev could do quickly with some jpegs or pngs and a few href links/hit areas overlayed accordingly on the images. Overtime however, Invision has been making acquisitions and working on integrations that have seemingly made the tool much more powerful. Also, having been a big fan of Muzli before it was acquired by Invision, I was impressed by the move to acquire Muzli. Naturally the jury will still be out for a while but I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering about whether it competes with Sketch (whom they’ve partnered with) and also begins to eat more of the Photoshop market that Sketch has already been consistently stealing. My final thought and question on this front as well is whether UX types or those that dabble when necessary (like myself) would turn to Studio over Axure? I’ll have to try and get ahold the beta or trial and some time to kick it around.

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