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I am a Detroiter (always at heart) that is passionately curious about too many things.

I am a music geek and a proud midwesterner. I think the first movement of Beethoven’s Symphony #2 was one of the earliest forms of head banging music.  I’m currently having a love affair with dirtbikes. I spend about 25-30 days a year skiing (started out skiing on landfills — yes, landfills #Detroit).  I’m running quite a bit and don’t understand why pants don’t fit me like they did 3 years ago.  I really enjoy substituting in amateur orchestras throughout the city and occasionally I even get contacted for paid gigs.  Trumpet is the only instrument I can claim to play well but if I came back in another life I’d consider playing cello.

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Style Guide: Caroline

Style Guide: Ami

Nat not participating!

Style Guide: Mike

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Really digging this  


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Break beat adlib

As the title suggests, another, not entirely unrehearsed but definitely done on the fly and unedited following the take. DAW: Ableton Live,…

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